MORC warmly congratulates the 6th National Fitness Games of Baoan,Shenzhen on its complete success

The Sixth National Fitness Games organized by the Sports Bureau of Baoan District of Shenzhen City and Shenzhen MORC and many other enterprises kicked off at the Shenzhen Baoan Sports Center. Here, we can see the spirit of the athletes fighting hard. Here, we can feel the collision of passion and sweat. Here, we can see the wonderful competition. Look, the scene is filled with a tense and fierce atmosphere, showing the vigorous grace of athletes…

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The “Shenzhen Bao’an District Sixth National Fitness Games” lasted for a month and featured competitions in tennis, basketball, swimming, badminton, football and other events, striving to embody the theme of “healthy progress, physical enhancement, and harmonious China”. In the fierce competition, every athlete stimulates his or her potential, shows his or her strong strength, constantly challenges himself, and surpasses his limits. In the end, they won the game with their own efforts and hard work. Behind these victories comes from their hard training and dedication, which reflects their spirit and will to constantly surpass themselves, and also reflects their love and persistence for sports.

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MORC has been established for more than ten years. As the company continues to grow bigger and stronger, it has unswervingly placed public welfare undertakings in an important position. The chairman of MORC has always paid great attention to the health and physical exercise of employees. We believe that a healthy and active lifestyle is an important guarantee for improving work efficiency and quality of life, so we also strongly support the development of sports.

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The “Sixth National Fitness Games of Bao’an District, Shenzhen” is a grand event integrating sports and interaction, attracting the participation of many outstanding athletes from all over Shenzhen. MORC  is honored to be one of the sponsors of this event, jointly providing strong support to the participants, and jointly ensuring the success of the event!

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MORC was invited to participate in the award ceremony of the event, which fully reflected the recognition and affirmation of our company by the Shenzhen Baoan Sports Bureau. The award ceremony was led by MORC’s senior leaders and they witnessed the honors of the award-winning players. I would like to express my sincere congratulations to them, and finally wish the “Shenzhen Baoan District Sixth National Fitness Games” a successful conclusion!

Post time: Nov-21-2023