Warm congratulations on the complete success of MORC’s 2023 annual meeting celebration

Shenzhen is called “Peng City” by everyone, but I feel that it is also a “Spring City”, warm and humid, with bright sunshine; here it seems that you can’t feel the cold wind, goose feathers falling on the snow, and the thousands of miles of frozen northern scenery. Warm and cozy. It is full of greenery, fresh, quiet and comfortable; the sea of flowers is endless, fragrant, colorful and gorgeous!

Shenzhen MORC Controls Co., Ltd. is located in this beautiful city. At this time of year, MORC headquarters held a grand and grand annual meeting here. Colleagues couldn’t hold back their joy and came to the annual meeting early to sign in and take a souvenir. The company prepared beaming red scarves for everyone, which heralded good luck and expectations for the coming year. The red scarf connects everyone’s hearts together. Red is our Chinese people’s favorite color. The joyful rhythm also kicks off the upcoming annual meeting!


People are in high spirits during happy events. At such a happy moment, Mr. Mo Rong, chairman and general manager of MORC, sang a song for everyone, which caused a lot of “commotion” and made us feel amazingly that the head of the company How free, easy-going, and approachable people are!

The MORC Annual Meeting Ceremony kicked off with the expectations of colleagues, and the exciting moment finally arrived. First of all, Mr. Mo Rong, general manager of MORC, delivered the opening speech of the annual meeting. He said, “The company would like to thank all employees for their hard work. It is precisely because of everyone’s joint efforts that the company can achieve such brilliant achievements. The company We will continue to provide you with a good working environment and development opportunities, so that every employee can realize their own value here. At the same time, we would like to thank the opportunities given to us by this era. We will firmly seize every opportunity and strive to achieve the goals of the company. long-term development. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, our company will create a more brilliant tomorrow!” The impassioned speech of Mr. Mo Rong, general manager of MORC, made everyone more enthusiastic and confident. Roll up your sleeves and work hard, always do the extraordinary in the ordinary, look to the future, and create great achievements together!

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Next, we held a grand award ceremony. Although different positions are engaged in different tasks, a group of outstanding key personnel have emerged. They have outstanding abilities and are good at management; they care for their subordinates and unite the company; they are diligent in their duties and loyal and dedicated. Public commendation is a respect and affirmation for their hard work. While motivating the advanced, it is also an encouragement to others. Everyone strives to be advanced and strives for perfection in everything. This is the display and inheritance of excellent corporate culture concepts!


Afterwards, everyone took their seats in an orderly manner and enjoyed tonight’s sumptuous dinner. It was inevitable to drink and toast together, and you came and I went! During the dinner, in order to boost the atmosphere of the annual meeting, we held an on-site lottery. Everyone was in high spirits and looked forward to good luck and returning home with a lot of success! The golden dragon presents auspiciousness. Tonight’s luck is particularly favorable to colleagues with “dragon” in their names. The auspiciousness comes from the sky, which means that the heavens are harmonious!

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The world is full of banquets, time flies, and the annual meeting ceremony is coming to an end. Our deputy general manager, Mr. Hu, joins hands with his beloved son to sing the song “Country” with deep emotion, which makes us deeply moved. Only with a country can we have a family, and the happiness of the family The prosperity of the motherland is inseparable from the prosperity of the motherland, and the prosperity of the motherland also depends on the support of a harmonious and united family.

Finally, we ended tonight’s annual meeting ceremony with the song “Tomorrow will be better”, and colleagues left with the good times, bringing a perfect end to this year’s annual meeting ceremony!

At this point, I would like to warmly congratulate MORC on the complete success of its 2023 annual meeting celebration!

Post time: Jan-19-2024