Warm congratulations to the MORC technical team on their successful visit to HOERBIGER’s German factory for exchange and learning

MORC  has always been committed to the professional control of valve accessories, especially in the field of smart valve positioners, and has made in-depth technological breakthroughs and promotion work! In order to better improve the product performance, operational stability, and product upgrading of domestic valve smart positioners, the MORC  technical team is honored to visit HOERBIGER’s (Herbiger) piezoelectric valve production factory in Munich, Germany to participate in the learning and exchange of valve smart positioners and piezoelectric valve technology. 

Firstly, I would like to solemnly introduce the background of the German HOERBIGER group. The German HOERBIGER group has a history of over 100 years since its establishment in 1895. HOERBIGER has become a leading multinational company in the fields of compressor technology, automation technology, and transmission technology. We have over 100 production enterprises and sales and maintenance service companies in over 40 countries and regions around the world, with over 5800 employees. The group’s headquarters are located in Austria and Switzerland, with regional headquarters in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The MORC  technical team visited HOERBIGER’s factory in Munich, Germany, which mainly researches and produces a full range of piezoelectric valve products.


Through this technical exchange, we have brought groundbreaking technological innovation and breakthrough progress in the comprehensive development of MORC  brand smart positioner, including the following aspects:
1. Understanding the latest technological trends and developments: Through on-site visits and learning at the Herbinger German piezoelectric valve factory, we can learn about the manufacturing and production process of piezoelectric valves, understand the latest technological trends and development directions, and provide guidance for the development of MORC  brand smart positioner.

640 (2) 2. Learning advanced technology and experience: Through communication with foreign technical experts, advanced technology and experience can be learned. For the application of piezoelectric valves in smart positioner, we can further improve and perfect product performance, enhance our technical level and business capabilities. Expanding horizons and thinking: Communicating with foreign technical experts can broaden horizons and thinking, stimulate innovative inspiration, explore future development directions, further deepen cooperation in product development, and inject new vitality into the development of enterprises and individuals

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3. Establishing and consolidating cooperative relationships: Through technological exchange, cooperative relationships can be established and consolidated, jointly researching and developing new technologies, promoting technological progress and product upgrades.

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4. Enhancing International Influence: Actively participating in foreign technological exchanges, enabling MORC  brand smart positioner to go global and expand their presence. Through strong alliances with Germany’s HOERBIGER, we have achieved mutual success and enhanced the international brand awareness and influence of MORC  brand smart positioner.

In the context of globalization, technological exchange has become an important component of international cooperation and exchange. With the continuous advancement of globalization, technological exchanges between countries are becoming increasingly frequent, injecting new vitality into the scientific and technological development of various countries. The MORC  technology team visited the Herbinger Piezoelectric Valve Factory in Munich, Germany, which has great strategic significance for the improvement of MORC  product technology. Through international technical exchanges, we learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and achieve breakthroughs in our own technological innovation.

At this point, the technical exchange between MORC and HOERBIGER has come to an end. We warmly congratulate the MORC technical team on their successful visit to the HOERBIGER piezoelectric valve factory in Munich, Germany for their exchange and learning!


Post time: Mar-15-2024