Warmly congratulate MORC® on the complete success of the dual exhibitions

The golden autumn season always gives people the joy of harvest. With this joy, Shenzhen MORC  Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has participated in the “31st China International Measurement Control and Instrumentation Exhibition (formerly the “Multinational Instrumentation Exhibition”) ), the 13th Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Expo” has left a valuable mark of time in the development process of our MORC, and has actively promoted the promotion and shaping of our MORC brand.


When it comes to product research and development, we are meticulous, we care about every detail, and we spare no effort. With the efforts of all MORC people, we have become a unique domestic company specializing in valve control accessories, dedicated to valve positioners, R&D and production of solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, limit switches, air filter pressure reducing valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic amplifiers, air lock valves, and valve position transmitters!

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With the full range of MORC family members, they appeared at the “Beijing Multi-National Instrument Exhibition and Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition” to welcome guests from all over the world. During the exhibition, MORC people, with confident smiles, loudly and forcefully preached MORC’s product performance and industry applications to the visitors, and answered the “difficult problems” raised by the guests in a eloquent manner. By nodding, you can understand each other’s thoughts and form a deep friendship

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During the exhibition, we attach great importance to the good suggestions put forward by our guests. We will continue to give top priority to technology research and development. Qualified product testing under working conditions is the last word, and thoughtful and timely after-sales service is the logistics support. Let “quality first, technology first” “First, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction” has become the standard for our MORC people to operate with integrity, the cornerstone and criterion for product reliability, and the vane for our continuous efforts to move forward!

“There are close friends in the sea, and we are like neighbors across the world.” Thank you to the guests who visited during the exhibition. It is your enthusiasm that makes us full of motivation for struggle; it is your recognition that makes us reap the joy of success; it is your care that makes us dare to carry the banner of localization of valve control accessories. !

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Post time: Nov-02-2023