Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the MORC Fujian Zhangzhou Tour

The annual company travel group construction activities, in all the MORC (morc controls) staff look forward to the start of the down! In this moment, we can let go of the noise and enjoy the coming of the comfortable time; in this moment, we can close our eyes and listen to the voice of the deep heart; in this moment, we can release the fatigue and blend with nature, to revive the long-dormant vitality!

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The first ray of Sunshine in the morning, will wake up everyone from the Dream! After breakfast, we went to another historical site of Dongshan Island, where the world-famous“Wind moving stone”, we lament the uncanny workmanship of nature, moving against the wind, standing! Following the historical route, we visited the Sangong Memorial Hall (Guan Yu, Huang Daozhou and Gu Wenchang) , where we reviewed the fine tradition of loyalty to the monarch, selflessness and hard work, and the spirit of Sangong, is also worth learning the spiritual food, with gratitude, thank sages in the long river of history to make contributions, let us feel a member of China is how proud and proud!

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Time Flies, we ushered in the last day of the tourism theme“Around the ancient town of Yunshui ballad”, here, we seem to enter a Xanadu, the ancient natural features let us forget the secular noise for a short time. Small bridges flowing water, seedlings cluster, this is the idyllic life! Towering banyan tree, thick moss, recording the passage of time! Here, we lament the great tulou building, we sigh for the wisdom of the ancients, in the swamp with soil building tall tulou, after a hundred years of vicissitudes, still like a giant, standing tall, protect this side of the land! Here, the Smile of the original inhabitants is so free and easy, let us feel the well-being of life, happiness is not Jinshan Silverhill, happiness may be field work, simple food! Here, we feel, thoughts flying, perhaps the next day, this is the footprint we seek!

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Post time: Jul-27-2023