“I tried afternoon tea at a lovely boutique known as the best bakery in Leicestershire and was blown away”

       Since opening in February 2016 in the sophisticated Leicester suburb of Stonygate, Baker St Cakes has become a hugely popular destination for gourmet homemade cakes and pastries, including pasta, and has won a number of awards, including the Three Star Food Award.
       This cute little boutique has been on my list of places to visit for a long time and in its latest award – being named the best bakery in Leicestershire at the National Bakery Awards – I knew I really needed to visit this place.
        I was delighted to learn that Baker St Cakes had recently started serving afternoon tea, so I decided to order a Friday treat for myself and my mom. After all, what better way to start your weekend than with afternoon tea at the best bakery in the area?
        This jewelry boutique is really a beautiful little place. The fresh white décor, floral embellishments and the assortment of cakes on the counter make for a great first impression. We were also warmly greeted by employee Esme, who introduced herself, provided us with a choice of table (mostly sun or sun, we chose the latter) and introduced us to afternoon tea.
        Menu cards detailing the dishes we would be served were placed on the table along with our plates and gold cutlery. We had a choice of various loose leaf teas or locally roasted coffees, I had a cup of traditional tea for breakfast and my mother chose a cappuccino.
       Our drinks arrived within minutes and our tiered cake stand was placed on the table, neatly arranging the food, which certainly looked inviting.
        We started with a sandwich made using a Japanese plate due to its light texture. The bread is slightly toasted and I think it is a bit sweet.
        The cheese, onion, and egg mayonnaise toppings are delicious, but my absolute favorite is the chili chicken. I really like the spiciness it offers.
        Sweet layers followed, which I chose to start with a strawberry and Madagascar vanilla cheesecake that was packaged in a small mold. Mom said that such an arrangement requires a lot of patience, however, like all delicate desserts.
        This cheesecake combines a crunchy biscuit base with a creamy filling and sweet fruit filling. Top with whipped cream and a small spoonful of white chocolate.
        I’m not always a fan of pistachio-flavored food, but the pistachio and white chocolate delicacy was my first two dishes for this afternoon tea. It combines layers, including a light biscuit base, creamy pistachio mousse and tiny pieces of pistachio that give the texture a delicious crunch.
        As for my taste buds, it is associated with Belgian chocolate and sea salt caramel pie. It has a rich, decadent center and puff pastry shell, and a neat little chocolate plate that says “Baker’s Saint Cake” is the perfect finishing touch.
        The tortillas were served hot with rich cottage cheese and strawberry jam, fresh in taste and light in texture. We were also able to choose pasta from an impressive selection on the counter, which included mango and passion fruit, caramel white chocolate, and birthday Oreos. I chose creme brulee and my mom chose Belgian chocolate and sea salt.
        Well, these macaroons are really outstanding and I can see why they have received many awards for the boutique and gained a following. The texture of the pasta itself is the perfect combination of crispy crust and deliciously chewy core, resulting in an explosion of sweet filling at the base of a delicate gourmet treat.
       After eating on the third floor, we all felt very full and we all felt that every bite of this afternoon tea was a kind of delight.
        I’m so glad I finally visited this little gem. The environment is simple and stylish, almost as pretty as a cake and pastry shop – we think they taste incredible.
        Everything from the food and drink to Esme’s super efficient and friendly service is of the highest quality. I think £40 for two is a fair price given the quality of the experience.
        Please note that afternoon tea is only offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance to visit.

Post time: Jun-25-2023