MORC Joins Hands with Germany’s HOERBIGER to Build a Global High end Smart Positioner

MORC brand smart positioner  is an smart positioner based on the principle of piezoelectric control. In order to ensure the accuracy, opening speed, and service life of valve control, MORC selects piezoelectric valves imported from HOERBIGER, Germany. In order to continue to enhance the advantages of piezoelectric smart positioner, after technical exchanges with the official German Holbiger, both parties worked together to create the world’s first P13 series piezoelectric controlled smart positioner. The upgraded smart positioner no longer rely heavily on the quality of instrument air sources and comprehensively improve product performance. MORC brand smart positioner have been verified in the market for many years and have been highly praised by owners, More capable of meeting complex operating conditions!


Given the impressive performance and influence of the MORC  brand smart positioner in the industry, Philipp Baldermann, the general manager of Germany’s Holbiger, and his team once again visited the MORC  Shenzhen R&D base. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the smart positioner controlled by the MORC  P13 series piezoelectric valve. The sales director of Germany’s Holbiger, Birger Krause, is based on the global future development trend, We have high hopes for the MORC  brand smart positioner, which not only serves the industry needs of China well, but also will occupy a place in the global smart positioner field and shine brightly!


Not satisfied with the current situation and not stopping at the moment, MORC  Company attaches great importance to investment and development in technology research and development, and has successively invested in building standardized laboratories. Continuously, high-strength, and high-index load testing of smart positioner aims to identify potential problems, continuously upgrade and upgrade the smart positioner, in order to maintain the reliability and stability of product operation in the market. During the discussion between the two parties, we invited guests from Germany’s Holbiger to visit our micro flow regulation test bench. After comparing the experimental data, German Holbiger guests praised and highly praised us, We have further strengthened our global cooperation strategic plan for the future!

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Finally, both sides exchanged views on the research and development direction of global smart positioner. Given China’s successful application and rapid development in the Internet of Things and 5G technology, milestone reforms will be made to traditional industrial control in the future. Both sides will cooperate in the fields of self-diagnosis, language protocol, remote monitoring, and other fields of smart positioner, striving to build MORC brand smart positioner into a globally renowned brand!

At this point, MORC and Germany’s HOERBIGER high-end conference have achieved a complete success, allowing us to look forward to the future, and shine for the future!


Post time: Oct-11-2023