The 31st China International Exhibition of Measurement, Control and Instrumentation

The 31st China International Measurement Control and Instrumentation Exhibition was held at the Beijing National Convention Center from October 23 to October 25 -MORC appears at the exhibition

In the field of control and automation, exhibitors will present the latest automation control systems, industrial robots, and intelligent equipment. These innovative technologies will effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and bring higher competitiveness to enterprises.


The field of instruments and meters will also showcase various high-performance instruments and intelligent monitoring equipment. From laboratory instruments to online monitoring equipment, exhibitors will showcase their applications in quality control, safety monitoring, environmental monitoring, and other areas.


During the exhibition, there are also a series of academic seminars and special forums. Experts and scholars will conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on technological innovation, industry applications, market trends, and other aspects, providing more ideas and insights for industry development.


In addition, the exhibition organizers have carefully designed on-site demonstration and interactive experience areas, allowing visitors to experience the charm of advanced technology up close.


On the first day of the exhibition, there was a lot of traffic, and many international friends came to our MORC booth to communicate and exchange technology with us

The China International Measurement Control and Instrumentation Exhibition is not only a platform for showcasing the latest achievements in the industry, but also mportant driving force for promoting technological innovation and development in the industry. By promoting communication and cooperation between enterprises, we aim to further improve the industry’s level and promote its development towards digitization, intelligence, and greenery.

Post time: Oct-23-2023