MC50 Series Explosion-proof Solenoid 1/2″

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MC50 Series Solenoid Valve MC50 series products are solenoid valves manufactured by MORC company. There are dozens of product types to provide users with different occasions. The MC50 series is a pilot operated pneumatic solenoid valve, to be used in pneumatic valve switching control.

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MORC Controls Ltd.
MC50 Series Non-Explosion 2/3 Or 5/2 Solenoid 1″

■ Pilot-operated, normally closed type is default option.

■ Sliding spool valve with good seal and fast response.

■ Low starting pressure, long lifespan.

■ Manual override.

■ Direct mount to pneumatic actuator or tubing connection.

Technical Parameters

Model No.




Acting type

Single coil,Double coil

Power Consumption


Insulation class

F class

Working medium

Clean air(after 40μm filtration)

Air pressure


Port connection


Power connection



Normal Temp.


Low Temp.




Ingress protection



45*40 Namur orTubing

Section area /Cv


Body material


MORC Technology Co., Ltd.

On June 30, 2022, the opening ceremony of Anhui MORC Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held, marking the opening of an exciting new chapter for the subsidiaries of Shenzhen MORC Controls Ltd., covering an area of 10,000 square meters of workshops, It has invested tens of millions of yuan in fixed assets, and is committed to the production of intelligent valve positioners, electric valve positioners, limit switches, and valve control accessories such as pressure valves, solenoid valves, electric actuators, and pneumatic actuators.

Warm congratulations on the opening ceremony of Anhui MORC Technology Co., Ltd. (1)
Warm congratulations on the opening ceremony of Anhui MORC Technology Co., Ltd. (4)

The ceremony was marked by presentations, demonstrations and demos of the company's products. The enthusiastic participation of employees demonstrates their commitment to the company and their confidence in the new chapter that Anhui MORC Technology Co., Ltd. is about to open.

Congratulations on this exciting achievement and may Anhui MORC Technology Co., Ltd. continue to grow in the years to come.

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