MORC MC51 Series 3/2 Explosion-proof Direct Action Solenoid 1/4″

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MC51 Series Solenoid Valve MC51 series products are solenoid valves manufactured by MORC company. There are dozens of product types to provide users with different occasions. The MC51 series is a pilot operated pneumatic solenoid valve, to be used in pneumatic valve switching control.

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■ Used for single acting actuator control, wide working pressure range, no minimum operating pressure difference.

■ PTFE rider rings and graphite-filled PTFE seals reduce friction and eliminate sticking.

■ Coils used in metal enclosures have class F insulation materials.

■ Low-power design.

■ Normally open and normally closed is universal.

Solenoid Valve
MORC MC51 Series 3/2 Explosion-Proof Direct Action Solenoid 1/4″

Technical Parameters

Model No.




Power Consumption


Insulation class

F Class

Working medium


Differential pressure


Fluid Port


Electrical connection


Ambient Temp.




Ingress protection




Flow rate


Body material

Brass or 316L

Why choose us?

Introducing the MC51 Series Solenoid Valve, a must for any industry looking for precise, efficient control of the opening and closing of pneumatic valves. Produced by MORC, this series has dozens of product types, which are specially designed to meet different occasions.

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With the MC51 series, users can enjoy the advantages of a pilot-operated pneumatic solenoid valve, which is ideal for controlling single-acting actuators. It has a wide operating pressure range and requires no minimum operating differential pressure for optimum performance.

One of the outstanding features of the MC51 Series solenoid valve is its PTFE backup ring and graphite filled PTFE seal. This design effectively reduces friction and eliminates any possibility of sticking, ensuring smooth valve operation without any snags.

Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator

In terms of safety, the MC51 series is equipped with metal-cased coils with Class F insulation. This low-power design makes it safe to use in a variety of industrial applications while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency.

The valve is versatile and is available in normally open and normally closed options. This flexibility ensures that it can be used in different applications, making it a valuable addition to any industrial process.

Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator

Overall, the MC51 series solenoid valve is a quality product that ensures reliable and efficient performance. It's durable, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent investment for any industry. With its wide operating pressure range, low power consumption design and flexible options, this valve is a must-have in any industrial setting.

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