MORC MSP-25 Series Remote Type Smart Positioner Intelligent Type Valve Smart Positioner

Short Description:

MSP-25 series Smart Valve Positioner is a control device that receives 4 ~ 20 mA command signal output from controller or control system and output air pressure signal to drive pneumatic actuator to control valve opening. This model is a split remote transmission structure, sensor and body separation, suitable for high temperature and space limited installation environment。

Product Detail

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■ Use piezoelectric valve electric / pneumatic conversion structure.

■ Suitable for hazardous area by intrinsically safe electronics.

■ Easy to install and auto-calibration.

■ LCD display and on board button operation.

■ Fail safe function under loss of power, loss of air supply and loss of control signal. 

Technical Parameters




Input Signal


Supply Pressure




0°to 90


Max.500Ω / 20mADC

Air Connection


Gauge Connection



PF1/2 (G1/2)


±0.5% F.S.

Ambient temp.


-20 to 85℃

Low temp.:

-40 to 80℃


±0.5% F.S.


±0.5% F.S.


±0.5% F.S.

Air Consumption

Stable condition:<0.0006Nm 3/h

Flow Capacity

70LPM (SUP=0.14MPa)

Output Characteristics

Linear (default); Quick open;
Equal percentage ; User defined


Aluminum or SS316L



Explosion Proof

Ex ia IIC T6 Ga; Ex ia IIIC T135℃ Db

Product Features

Adopting the advanced IP moudle, it has a unique air path structure, which can effectively reduce the influence of air source quality on piezoelectric valve.

~ Easy to install and calibrate.

~ Almost zero air source consumption when the valve position is stable.

• The same type of positioner can be applied to linear or rotary actuators.

 Modular design, less moving parts, easy to maintain.

 With LCD backlight display and button operation, simple operation can achieve a variety of functions.

• Can achieve automatic diagnosis of valve and actuator.

• Can achieve automatic zero adjustment function through a key.

Can realize the position preserving function under power cut, air cut and signal cut.

MSP-25L Installation

Install MSP-25L with mounting bracket

1. Make a mounting bracket for the positioner that can be properly connected to the actuator bracket.

Note: it is required that the rotation angle of the lever within the stroke of the valve is adjustable within the permissible angle range when making the bracket.

2. Using fixed bolts to connect the mounting bracket and MSP-25L, installation diagram is shown below. The standard bolt specification for fixing the positioner is

M8* 1.25P.

3. After fixed the bracket and positioner, do not tighten the bolts completely before connecting to the actuator, and leave a certain gap for later adjustment.

4. Install the connecting rod on the feedback lever of MSP-25L when connecting valve stem and actuator push rod. The height of the groove on the feedback lever of MSP-25L is 6.5mm, so the diameter size of the connecting rod should be less than 6.3mm.

5. Insert the connecting rod mounted on the stem connector into the groove of the feedback lever.As shown above, the connectior rod should be inserted into the fixed spring on the feedback lever to reduce the lag.

6. The actuator is separately connected with the air source tube, and the pressure is adjusted through the air filter regulator to open the valve to 50% position, and the position of the positioner is adjusted up and down to make the feedback lever in the horizontal state (the feedback lever is vertical to the valve stem), and then tighten the fixation bolts.

Electro-pneumatic control principle:

The P13 piezoelectric valve electrical control module imported from Germany HOERBIGER is selected. Compared with the traditional nozzle-baffle principle positioner, it has the advantages of low air consumption, low power consumption, fast response and long life.

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Why choose us?

Using the cutting-edge piezoelectric valve principle, the smart positioner has a series of advantages and is the first choice for controlling valve opening in pneumatic systems.

One of the main advantages of the piezoelectric valve principle is the low power consumption, i.e. low air consumption. This in turn reduces the operating costs of the locator. In steady state conditions, the inlet and outlet ports are closed, so the consumption of the air source is minimal compared to the nozzle principle.

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Another feature that distinguishes the piezoelectric valve principle is its high vibration resistance. The overall module structure of the positioner has few moving parts, no mechanical force balance mechanism, and good anti-seismic performance. This feature is especially important in applications where vibration can cause disturbances in the system.

Fast response times and long service life are other benefits of the piezoelectric valve principle. Response times as low as 2 milliseconds make the positioner highly responsive to changes in system parameters. In addition, the operation life of the piezoelectric module is at least 500 million times, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

With its advanced features and advantages, the intelligent positioner is the main device for controlling the opening of the valve in the pneumatic system. It can accurately adjust any opening of the valve, and is an essential tool for adjusting the flow of air or gas. This smart positioner offers unrivaled performance, reliability and economy, making it the first choice for a wide variety of industrial applications.

In conclusion, combined with the product features and description, the smart positioner using the piezoelectric valve principle is the best choice to meet your valve control needs. Low operating costs, strong vibration resistance, fast response time and long service life are all key features that set this product apart. If you're looking for a smart locator with unrivaled performance, you've just found it. Choose our smart positioners based on the piezoelectric valve principle today and experience effortless valve control.

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