MORC MC50 Series Explosion-proof Solenoid 1/4″

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MC50 Series Solenoid Valve MC50 series products are solenoid valves manufactured by MORC company. There are dozens of product types to provide users with different occasions. The MC50 series is a pilot operated pneumatic solenoid valve, to be used in pneumatic valve switching control.

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■ Pilot-operated type;

■ Convertible from 3-way( 3/2) to 5-way(5/2). For 3-way, normally closed type is default option.

■ Adopt Namur mounting standard, directly mounted to actuator, or by tubing.

■ Sliding spool valve with good seal and fast response.

■ Low starting pressure, long lifespan.

■ Manual override.

■ Body material aluminum or SS316L.

MC50 Series Non-Explosion 2/3 Or 5/2 Solenoid 1″

Technical Parameters

Model No.




Acting type

Single coil,Double coil

Power Consumption


Insulation class

F class

Working medium

Clean air(after 40um filtration)

Air pressure


Port connection


Cable Entry


Ambient Temp.

Normal temp.


High temp.


Explosive temp.




Ingress protection



32*24 Namur or Tubing

Section area/Cv


Body material

Aluminum or SS316L

Proudly launch the MC50 series solenoid valve of MORC Company - the ultimate solution for pneumatic valve switch control.  With dozens of product types to choose from, the MC50 series is versatile and flexible to meet the needs of different occasions.

This solenoid valve is pilot-operated and designed to provide fast and efficient on-off control of pneumatic valves. Whether you need a 3-way or 5-way valve, the MC50 Series is convertible and offers a normally closed default option for 3-way configurations.


Why choose us?

The MC50 series is also designed with easy to install Namur mounting standards allowing direct mounting to the actuator or easy mounting using piping. Featuring a sliding spool valve that provides good sealing and fast response time, this solenoid valve provides excellent performance for all your switching needs.

The MC50 Series Solenoid Valve offers low starting pressure, long life, great value and durability. Plus, with the manual override feature, you can easily manually operate the valve when needed.

MORC Corporation offers a choice of two body materials for the MC50 Series solenoid valve - aluminum or SS316L - ensuring that you get a product that meets your specific requirements. Overall, the MC50 Series solenoid valves are top of the line offering unmatched performance, durability and versatility for all your pneumatic valve on/off control needs.

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