Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator

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MC-22 series air filter regulator ables to accurately control pressure, as well as filter solid particles above 5 microns, and liquids from compressed air. Provide clean air source for air receiving equipment.

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■ Die-cast aluminum body material with a polyester coating, which gives a long life and protects against corrosion. SS316L material is optional, suitable for severe corrosive environment.

■ Quick response, stable pressure output even when inlet pressure and flow fluctuate.

■ Filter solid particles with a minimum diameter of 5 microns and self-cleaning function

■ Designed with 3 air outlets, installation direction can be easily adjusted.

■ Manual or auto drain function is available.

Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator
Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator
Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator

Technical Parameters


MC-22N(Manual Drain)

MC-22N(Auto Drain)

Max.Input Pressure

1.5MPa / 15Bar

Output Pressure

0~0.7MPa / 0~7Bar

Working Medium

Compressed Air

Min. Filtering Size


Air Connection

NPT1/4”  /   G1/4”

Body Material

Aluminum Die-casting(default)/  SS316(Optional)

Ambient Temp.


-20 to 70℃


-40 to 70℃


 -20 to 120℃


Aluminum Die-casting






Structural Principle

Rotate the adjusting handwheel clockwise to adjust thespring force and press down the diaphragm. The spool andchassis are moved downwards to form a passage above thespool chassis and the air supply pressure comes from theoutlet.

When the outlet pressure rises to the set pressure level, it will reach the bottom of the diaphragm through the outlet pre-ssure induction hole and maintain balance with spring pressure, and maintain the set pressure. When the outlet pressure isgreater than the set pressure, it will reach the bottom of thediaphragm through the outlet pressure induction hole, the holebetween diaphragm and chassis open, the outlet pressure willarrive at the the spring chamber through the hole and exhaustto the atmosphere, and to maintain the set pressure unchanged.

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Why Choose Us?

Grandly launch the MC-22 series air filter pressure reducing valve, which is an essential device to ensure the safe operation of your pneumatic equipment. This filter regulator is designed to filter out all compressed air impurities and regulate the air pressure to the proper level for optimum performance and durability of your equipment.

The MC-22 series air filter regulator has many impressive features, such as high resolution, compact structure and beautiful appearance. The standard frame of the unit is made of die-cast aluminium, coated with polyester, which is highly resistant to corrosion and ensures a long service life of the unit.

In addition, this air filter regulator is equipped with a convenient and efficient drain to help prevent any clogging or other problems that may occur. The unit also includes three outlets, allowing you to easily adjust the orientation of the installation to suit your specific needs.

In terms of performance, the MC-22 Series air filter regulators are very stable, responsive, and unaffected by any changes in inlet pressure or flow. Thanks to its self-cleaning function, it is able to filter out solid particles as small as 5μm, ensuring that your equipment always receives the cleanest possible air.

Overall, the MC-22 series air filter regulator is a top-level product that is easy to use and highly efficient. If you're looking for a powerful and reliable filter regulator to keep your pneumatic equipment running smoothly, look no further than the MC-22 Series Air Filter Regulator.

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