MORC MC-30/ MC-31/ MC-32 series Volume Booster

Short Description:

MC-30/31/32 series booster the valve function’s reaction speed by providing large air flow rate to actuator.

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■ Improves speed of valve movement.

■ Improves stability with by-pass contorl.

■ Reacts to sudden change in supply pressure.

■ Fixed deadband due to the seat-to-seat type of supply and exhaust pressure.


Technical Parameters

Model No. MC-30 MC-31 MC-32
Max. Supply Pressure 1.OMPa
Max. Output Pressure 0.7MPa
Signal/Output Pressure Ratio 1:01
Flow Capacity(Cv) Exhaust 1.19 2.72 5.24
Output 1.32 2.08 4.91
Supply Output Connection PT(NPT)1/4 PT(NPT)1/2 PT(NPT)3/4
Signal Connection PT(NPT)1/4 NPT1/4
Linearity ±1%F.S.
Ambient temp. -20~70℃(-4~158F)
Weight Aluminum 0.5kg(1.1lb) 0.76kg(1.7Ib) 2.3kg(5.1Ib)
SS316L 1.3kg(2.9lb) 1.9kg(4.2lb) 5.0kg(11.0lb)

Why choose us?

Introducing the MC-30/31/32 Series Booster Valves, the perfect solution for increasing the speed and stability of valve movement. The booster valve is designed with the latest technology to provide large air flow to the actuator, greatly improving the response speed and reducing the delay of valve action.

One of the key features of the MC-30/31/32 series is its ability to improve stability through bypass control. With its advanced control mechanism, this booster valve ensures that the valve operation is not only faster, but also more precise and accurate. The valve will respond quickly and efficiently to sudden changes in supply pressure, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted performance.

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Another major advantage of the MC-30/31/32 series is the fixed dead zone due to the supply and discharge pressure of the seat-to-seat type. Unlike other booster valves that can be affected by pressure changes and fluctuations, this booster valve provides a consistent and reliable supply pressure, ensuring the valve will always operate within required parameters.

Whether you are looking to increase productivity, simplify operations or improve the overall performance of your valve, the MC-30/31/32 Series booster valves are the perfect solution. It can be used in a variety of applications including oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, and more.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high quality booster valve that offers the highest reliability, precision and performance, look no further than the MC-30/31/32 series. Experience today's superior valve operation and control with this innovative, cutting-edge technology.

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