MORC SD series manual mechanism Gear Box

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SD series manual mechanism is combined with the pneumatic actuator assembly to realize manual or pneumatic drive for butterflfly valves, ball valves. etc. which are opened at 90°.

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1.It is small in size, light in weight and reasonable in design.

2. Products are serialized and output torque is matched with pneumatic devices.

3.Turbine connection holes have two keyways 90° degrees apart so that users can choose the relative position of the device with the valve according to their needs.

4. Lifting the limit pulling ring, rotating the eccentric device 90° degree limit pin automatic limit,to achieve pneumatic, otherwise to achieve manual.

5. Product factory. equipped with special grease, and valve assembly, the overall seal, dust-proof. waterproof, protection grade IP65, IP67. IP68 optional. 

 MPY Series Fork Type Actuator
 MPY Series Fork Type Actuator

SD are used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment. power plants. nuclear power and other places. for 90° open ball valves, butterflfly valves, plug valves and other valves

supporting the use of the company's supply of valve turbine box can also be used according to customer requirements on the product speed ratio. use temperature, protection level. anti-corrosion level.

Adjust customization. 

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