MORC MLS300 Series Limit Switch Box (With Solenoid Valve)

Short Description:

MLS300 series limit switch box have a proven track record for accurate andreliable signaling in linear and rotary applications.

Providing both visual and remote electrical position indications, these cost-effective, compact unit unparalleled performance with ease of installation and calibration. Rugged, corrosion-resistant enclosures have multiple switch options and meet IP67 standards. Intrinsically safe and explosion proof designs ensure safe reliable operation in hazardous environment.

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■ Lightweight, dome shaped visual indicator with contrast color design.

■ Rotary position indicator with NAMUR standard.

■ Anti-detachment bolt, it will never missed during disassembly.

■ Two cable entries for easy installation.

■ IP67 and UV resistance, suitable for outdoor use.


Technical Parameters

Model No.



Die-cast Aluminum

Outer coating

Polyester coating





Ingress protection




Switch type

Mechanical switch or proximity switch

Mechanical switchrating


Proximity switchrating

Intrinsically safe:8VDC,NC

Reed proximity switch rating


Solenoid valve

Body Type








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Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator

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Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator

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Morc MC-22 Series Auto/Manual Drain NPT1/4 G1/4 Air Filter Regulator

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