MTQL Series Linear Stroke Electric Actuator

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Direct stroke electric actuator is an actuator of output thrust drive valve rod for straight movement, which is suitable for valve rod for straight movement, such as single seat valve, stop valve and piston valve.

The output thrust range of MTQL straight electric actuator is 1000 N to 25000 N.

MTQL series is divided into three types: basic, intelligent and super intelligent according to different functional confifigurations. With the characteristics of security, stability and reliability, it can meet the applications of different fifields, and the customized services can meet the various needs of users.

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Patent drive mechanism design 

The MTQL01~08 series electric actuator has the patented hand / electric switching function.

In the electric state, push the hand wheel forward at any time, the actuator automatically

switches to the manual mode, the hand wheel will not rotate with the motor, to ensure

personal safety. In the manual state, If you need to switch to electric drive, just pull the hand

wheel back and switch to electric mode.

The MTQL10~25 series electric actuator has the hand / electric automatic switching function.

No clutch design, in the product electric operation can also rotate the hand wheel, do not

interfere with each other, so as to ensure the safety of the operator. This kind of design agency

will become the mainstream trend of the industry in the future.

Professional gear design

The MTQL10~25 series actuator adopts planetary gear technology , realizing the combination

of manual and electric control, and no clutch mechanism, to ensure the safety of operators.

One of the unique planetary solar wheel technology has obtained the national patent.

Operational safety

F grade insulation motor. The different positions of the motor windings are arranged with two thermal protectors to sense the temperature of motor.

This marvelous design ensures the operational safety of the motor (Hgrade is optional).

MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve
MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve

Anti-humidity resistance

Installed with heater inside the actuator used to remove the internal condensation which cause damages to electrical parts.

Phase protection

Phase detection and correction functions avoid the actuator being damaged by connecting to the wrong phase.

Voltage protection

.Protection against high and low voltage situations

Overload protection

The power will automatically shut off when valve jam occurs. Thus preventing further damage to the valve and actuator.

Operational diagnosis

Intelligent actuators are equipped with multiple sensing devices. With the functions of real-time reflflections of the control signal received by the actuator, fault alarm, operating parameters, status indication and other status. Multi-

diagnostic function can locate the fault, thus making it easy for the users.

Password protection

Intelligent actuators possess classififiable password protection, which can be authorized to different operators to avoid misuse which causing the actuator failure.

Disc spring tightening mechanism

The output unit of the actuator is equipped with a two-way disc spring device, which has a certain pre-tightening force to effectively switch the valve for a long time and reduce the impact of the valve differential pressure instability on the actuator.

MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve

Interchangeable connection bolts

According to the different thread connection mode of the spindle of the valve, the connection bolts of the actuator can be designed for different thread connection specififications, which can be quickly replaced and easily operated.

User interaction interface

Intelligent type is equipped with brand new UI control interface, with the specialized remote control, achieves a variety of functions of the actuator confifiguration operation. Supports multi-language, satisfifies all kinds of demands from the customer. It can also be customized based on special requirements.

Energy effificiency

Single-phase and DC power supply is optional, ultra-low energy consumption, suitable for solar and wind powered applications.

Non-invasive control

Non-through-the-shaft magnetic switch design, it is controlled by the Hall switch inside the actuator. Equipped with local control / remote control / disable knob, and on / off / stop button (knob),

accommodating with the indicator light and LCD screen to achieve non-invasive fifield control operations.

Screw nut assembly

Using the antirust screw of high strength alloy steel and the copper alloy nut with high wear resistance, each pair of screw nut is tested before installation to ensure the minimum clearance and maximum effificiency transfer torque after installation.

Clutch handle

An ergonomically designed clutch handle is used to switch to the manual mode in the case of emergency or adjustment.

Cooperating with the hand wheel, the clutch will disconnect from the motor drive to ensure personnel safety.

Infrared remote control

The intelligent type actuator is able to provide different remote control sets based on different application requirements. Such as portable infrared remote control in general places, and explosion-proof remote control for hazardous locations.

MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve
MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve

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