MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-up Valve

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MC-40/41 series lock-up valve senses the main supply pressure and shuts down the air flow when the pressure is lower than setting.

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■ Compact size - NO bracket is required.

■ Detcts small variation of the pressure - below 0.01MPa.


Technical Parameters

Model No. MC-40S MC-40D MC-41S MC-41D
Signal Pressure 0.14~0.7MPa
Signal Pressure Setting Range Max.1.0MPa
Lock-up pressure Max.0.7MPa
Hysteresis Below 0.01MPa
Flow Capacity(Cv) 0.9 3.6
Air Connection PT(NPT)1/4 NPT1/2
Signal Connection PT(NPT)1/4 NPT1/4
Ambient temp. -20~70C(-4~158°F)
Weight Aluminum 0.5kg(1.1b) 0.7kg(1.6lb) 1.3kg(2.9b) 2.3kg(5.1lb)

Why choose us?

Introducing the MC-40/41 Series Lockout Valves, an innovative solution for maximum safety in compressed air systems. The valve senses main supply pressure and automatically shuts off gas flow when the pressure drops below a predetermined setting.

One of the main features of this lockout valve is its compact size. Unlike other valves that require brackets for mounting, the MC-40/41 Series can be mounted directly to equipment with no additional hardware required. Not only does this minimize installation time and effort, but it also saves valuable space in the compressed air system.

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In addition to its compact size, the MC-40/41 Series lockout valves offer excellent pressure sensing capabilities. It can detect small changes in pressure levels, even as low as 0.01MPa. This means you can trust the valve to accurately monitor your compressed air system and shut off air flow when necessary.

But the benefits of the MC-40/41 Series lockout valve don't stop there. The valve is also very reliable and durable. Made of high-quality materials, this valve is precisely designed for long-term stable and effective operation.

So if you're looking for a smart and effective way to keep your compressed air system safe, the MC-40/41 Series Lockout Valve is the solution you've been looking for. With its compact size, precise pressure sensing capabilities and exceptional reliability, this valve is the perfect addition to your compressed air system.

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