MTQ Series Quarter Turn Electric Actuator

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The MTQ Series electric actuator is designed and manufac tured by MORC Corporation High-performance products,can provide you with the most suitable in the field of valve automation reasonable solution. The MTQ series electric actuator has high performance, High protection, small size,high integration, long service life, stable performance Settings and other advantages. It can be operated on site or controlled at a long distance.compliant 90° rotating ball valve, butterfly valve, windshield valve panel and other suitable for 90° Rorotating equipment can meet the needs of industrial automation control pipeline ask. Can be widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry,metallurgy, water treatment, paper making, shipbuilding,building automation and other industries.

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Basic Character

User interaction interface

Intelligent type is equipped with brand new UI control interface, with thespecialized remote control, achieves a variety of functions of the actuatorconfifiguration operation. Supports multi-language,satisfifies all kinds of demandsfrom the customer. It can also be customized based on special requirements.

Enrgy effificiency

Single-phase and DC power supply is optional, ultra-low energyconsumption, suitable for solar and wind powered applications.

360° position indicator

Adopts high strength, anti-sunlight and RoHS-compliant plastic 3D window indicator. Users are able to observe the stroke position of the actuator within the 360° visual angle as there’ s no dead angles

Control mode

Non-invasive control

Non-through-the-shaft magnetic switch design, it is controlled by the Hall switch inside the actuator.Equipped with local control / remote control / disable knob, and on / off / stop button(knob), accommodating with the indicator light and LCD screen to achieve noninvasive fifieldcontrol operations

Infrared remote control

The intelligent type actuator is able to provide different remote control sets based on different application require ments. Such as portable infrared remote control in general places, and explosion-proof remote control for hazardous locations.

Patent mechanic design---Paving the way for future trend

MTQ series of electric actuators are equipped with manual / electric automatic switching function. No clutch design thus enables the hand wheel to be rotated while the machine is running; this is to ensure the safety of the operator. Such design will be the mainstream trend in the future.

MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve
MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve

Professional gear design

The adoption of the planetary gear design achieved a combina tion of manual and electric control without the need of the clutch which ensures the operator’ s safety. Above all, the unique solar planetary gear design has gotten the national patent.。

Interchangeable spline sleeve

Depending on the spindle of the valve, the output sleeve of the actuator is designed in spline form. The inner holes can be replaced into square holes and keyways and other different sizes. Fast debugging and replacing makes the operation more flflexible.

Interchangeable connecting flflange

The base connecting holes are in accordance with ISO 5211 standard, also with various connecting flflange sizes. It can be  replaced and rotated for the same type of actuators in order to achieve with different hole positions and angles of the valve flflange connection purposes.

MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve
MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve
MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve

Planetary gears

Using high strength alloy steel for the planetary gear set, more compact and effificient, achieving greater output for the same volume. At the same time, having differential input for motor drive andhand wheel operation, we are therefore able to operate electrically and manually at the same time.

Sprocket operatio

Based on the features of operating manually and electrically without clutch mechanism, sprocket operation is more convenient to operate the valve at higher positions

MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve
MORC MC-40/ MC-41 Series Lock-Up Valve

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