MLS300 Series Limit Switch Box

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MLS300 series limit switch box have a proven track record for accurate and reliable signaling in linear and rotary applications.

Providing both visual and remote electrical position indications, these cost-effective, compact unit unparalleled performance with ease of installation and calibration. Rugged, corrosion-resistant enclosures have multiple switch options and meet IP67 standards. Intrinsically safe and explosion proof designs ensure safe reliable operation in hazardous environment.

Product Detail

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■ Lightweight, dome shaped visual indicator with contrast color design.

■ Rotary position indicator with NAMUR standard.

■ Anti-detachment bolt, it will never missed during disassembly.

■ Two cable entries for easy installation.

■ IP67 and UV resistance, suitable for outdoor use. 


Technical Parameters



Body Material

Die-cast Aluminum


Polyester powder coating

Cable Entry

M20*1.5、NPT1/2, NPT3/4,G3/4 or G1/2


Terminal Blocks

6 points

Enclosure Grade


Explosion Proof

Die-cast Aluminum



Ambient Temp.




Mechanical switch or proximity switch


Switch Specification

Mechanical Switch

16A  125VAC / 250VAC,     
0.6A 125VDC
10A  30VDC

0.6A 125VDC

10A  30VDC

Proximity Switch

Intrinsically safe: 8VDC, NC

None explosion: 10 to 30VDC, ≤150mA

Position Transmitter

4 to 20mA, with 24VDC Supply

Why choose us?

Introduced the MLS300 Series Limit Switch Box, designed for remote and on-site indication of the open/closed position of valves. It's perfect for high-stakes situations where safety is a top priority. The frame is manufactured in compliance with the ExdIICT6 explosion-proof standard, and the protection level is IP67, which ensures that the product is durable.

One of the most notable features of the MLS300 Series is the two-dimensional visible indicator. This unique design combined with a unique color scheme allows the user to easily identify the valve position with just a glance. In addition, the product is NAMUR compliant for maximum interchangeability.


To prevent the product from loosening, the MLS300 series is equipped with an anti-loosening bolt. This innovative security measure adds an extra layer of protection to ensure the product stays in place while in use. The product's die-cast aluminum frame is also polyester coated, providing a sleek and polished design.

Dual electrical interfaces NPT3/4 make this product versatile and adaptable. Customers can choose other specifications according to their own requirements. Terminal blocks with 8 standard contacts, multi-row terminals are optional.

Finally, the MLS300 series is equipped with spring cams that can be adjusted without tools. This feature helps customers save time and effort in maintenance.

In conclusion, the MLS300 Series Limit Switch Box is a must-have for any business looking to make safety a top priority. With its solid build and impressive features, this product is guaranteed to provide peace of mind to the customers who purchase it.

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