Morc MLS500 Series SS316L Limit Switch Box

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MLS500 series limit switch box have a proven track record for accurate and reliable signaling in linear and rotary applications.

Providing both visual and remote electrical position indications, these cost-effective, compact unit unparalleled performance with easeof installation and calibration. Rugged, corrosion-resistant enclosures

have multiple switch options and meet IP67 standards. Intrinsically safe and explosion proof designs ensure safe reliable operation in hazardous environment.

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■ Lightweight, dome shaped visual indicator with contrast color design.

■ Rotary position indicator with NAMUR standard.

■ Anti-detachment bolt, it will never missed during disassembly.

■ Two cable entries for easy installation.

■ IP67 and UV resistance, suitable for outdoor use. 


Technical Parameters

Model No.


Body material


Power connection

NPT3/4,or NPT1/2



Ingress protection




Switch type

Mechanical switch or proximity switch

Mechanical switch rating


Proximity switch rating

Intrinsically safe:8VDC,NC

Reed proximity switch rating


Position transmitter


Ambient temp.


Explosive temp



Q1: Whats the product warranty?

A: We guarantee our materials and craftsmanship. Our promise is to make you satisfied with our products. Regardless of whether there is a warranty, our company's goal is to solve and solve all customer problems, so that everyone is satisfied. 

Q2: Whats the shelf life about your products?

A: The warranty period is 18 months from the time the product is received.

Q3: How to order our products?

A: Please send us your inquiry by Email. we need to know the following informations before giving the formal Quotation.

1. Product information in details, Quantity, Other requirements.

Delivery time required.

Q4: How long to prepare the sample?

A: Most of our products are under regular production and some of them we keep in stocks.

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Why Choose Us?

Introducing the MLS500 Series Limit Switches - the ultimate solution for fully open and fully closed valve indication. This innovative product is designed to provide switching contact signals to the control room while monitoring the valve position and is ideal for quarter turn valves with 90 degree rotation.

MLS500 series limit switch adopts SS316L stainless steel shell structure, and the design complies with VDI/VDE3845 and NAMUR standards. With an impressive IP67 rating and ExdIICT6 explosion-proof rating, this product is the epitome of safety and reliability. It is also SIL3 Integrity Safety Certified, ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards.


MLS500 limit switches have color changes and switch markings to indicate switch status. Red indicates a fully closed valve, while yellow indicates a fully open valve. In addition, the product is designed with a built-in micro switch, which can choose SPDT/DPDT passive switch contact signal or sense proximity active contact signal output.

Featuring a lightweight, dome-shaped visual indicator and an easy-to-use, contrasting color design, the MLS500 is the perfect solution for users looking for a versatile limit switch. The rotary position indicator complies with NAMUR standards, and the anti-loosening bolt ensures that it will not be missed during disassembly. Plus, with two easy-to-install cable entries, getting started with this remarkable product has never been easier.

The MLS500 series limit switches are also IP67 rated and UV resistant for outdoor use. Whether you are monitoring valves in harsh chemical environments or require a durable product for outdoor use, this limit switch has what you need.

Invest in the future of valve monitoring and buy the MLS500 Series Limit Switches today. With its combination of advanced technology and innovative design, it is the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable, high quality limit switch.

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