MORC MC-60 Series Air Operated Valve

Short Description:

MC-60 series air operated valve is a device to control the on-off or change of the main valve gas channel through the on-off of the pilot pressure.

Product Detail

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■ Pilot-operated type;

■ Sliding spool valve with good seal and fast response.

■ Low starting pressure, long lifespan.

■ Manual override.

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Technical Parameters

Model No.


Working medium

Clean air (after 40 μm filtration)

Action Type

Internal guided 

Inlet/outlet/exhaust connection


Port connection


Working pressure


Max Operating Pressure


Life Time

More than 10 million times in normal use

Maximum operating frequency

5 times/ second

 Response Time


Ambient Temp.

Normal temp.:-20~70℃,
High temp.:-20~120℃,
Low temp.:-40~70℃.

Why choose us?

Introducing the innovative MC-60 series of pneumatic valves designed to provide efficient control of gas passages in industrial applications. This multifunctional unit is powered by pilot pressure to control the opening and closing or changing of the main valve gas passage, providing reliable and precise operation at all times.

MC-60 series pneumatic valve is a pilot valve, which adopts slide valve design, good sealing performance and fast response. This combination of features ensures that the valve is a reliable and efficient solution for controlling the passage of gases in a range of industrial applications.

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Another key feature of the MC-60 Series Pneumatic Valve is its low start pressure, which reduces wear and increases service life, making it an excellent investment for any industrial operation. Additionally, the valve is equipped with a manual override for additional control and safety in the event of an unexpected situation.

Whether you work in petrochemical, energy or manufacturing, the MC-60 Series pneumatic valve is the ideal solution for controlling the passage of gases. Its superior performance, long life and ease of use make it a must-have for any industrial application.

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In conclusion, if you are looking for a pneumatic valve that can provide you with efficient, reliable and precise gas passage control, then the MC-60 series pneumatic valve is your best choice. With its innovative design, excellent sealing performance and low cracking pressure, this valve is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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